Full Roof Replacement

A full roof replacement in Kent, Washington typically involves tearing away your existing roofing material, which includes the roofing shingles and underlayment. It is common for shingles, to be replaced by using steel wool and then replacing them with new ones made from shingle fabric. Keep in mind, that just because your roofing is leaky now does not mean it has to continue to be that way. Most full roof replacement procedures are performed on a single layer roof. The reason for this is to save on labor costs since one less roofing shingle is required. Generally, one of two layers will be used – either an asphalt layer or a metal layer. If your roofing was installed more than 20 years ago, most modern installations use only one layer.

Once the old roof is removed and the new one is installed, there are two layers left to go. If your home is one of the few older homes in your neighborhood, your only logical choice for a full roof replacement would be the asphalt shingles. This option will require fewer repairs. However, if your home is an older home, metal might be your best bet. Metal will last longer and will require fewer repairs as well. Before you decide on one of the two options, you should consider the long-run costs. A new roof will be a more expensive endeavor than a partial roof replacement. Roofs have to be replaced periodically regardless of whether you have an asphalt or metal roof. It might make sense financially to go with the latter if you can afford it over the long run.

There are several benefits of choosing an asphalt full roof replacement instead of the other option. The main benefit is that you will be able to enjoy the same look and durability that come from having an asphalt shingle installed. Also, you should note that it is easier to find a good contractor in the area since most of them will have a steady supply of new shingles. Finally, you should remember that the installation time for asphalt shingles is a lot shorter than that of metal shingles so that the entire project will take a lot less time.

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