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When a commercial building is inspected, there are specific criteria that must be met in order for the building to meet the requirements for such licensing. All systems in a commercial building must be inspected. Some inspections focus on one system while others inspect various systems simultaneously. A flat roof real estate inspection in Kent, Wahington is an important inspection procedure because it helps to detect signs of leaking and deterioration of the roof surface as well as other roofing components. It is the responsibility of a qualified inspector to verify whether or not the roof system of a commercial building is satisfactory for providing protection and safety to the building’s contents. Leaks can be detected by looking for discolored spots on the roof and areas where water accumulates quickly. This can indicate dry rot, which often indicates a lack of repair work that will require replacement soon. An inspector should also note if there are any missing tiles or shingles and detect cracks in the flashing and roof deck materials.

Mold inspections are an important part of the inspection process. When a roof is found to be unhealthy or contaminated with mold spores, it must be removed and the area must be cleaned. If the real estate inspection determines that there are no physical problems with the roof, the inspector typically requests that the building be tested for mold spores in every room of the structure. After testing is completed, the inspector then gives the green light for a complete roof replacement. If a new roof is required for the structure, the inspector performs a walk-through of the structure with a flashlight to ensure the presence of every item of potential mold. The roof inspection also includes several other important steps. The inspector inspects the roof to determine if there are any defects that may affect the overall effectiveness of the roof system. If there is a problem, repairs may be recommended as soon as possible. In addition, the inspector monitors the condition of roof leaks to determine if they are causing structural damage. Leaks may also lead to other structural issues, so leaks are frequently repaired during the inspection.

Some property owners mistakenly believe that real estate inspections only apply to roofs. However, a real estate inspection of other structures, including garages, sheds, pool decks, hot tubs and pools, are also advised. Some of these structures have the potential to develop mold if not maintained properly. Regular inspections of these structures will help prevent costly leaks that could compromise the health of the general public. Other roofing repairs, such as patching cracked or missing asphalt tiles, asphalt shoring repairs, replacing damaged flashing, and repair work on chimneys and plumbing systems, are also covered by this type of inspection. Some home inspectors specialize in mold remediation or removal. For properties with existing mold, routine inspections are recommended to ensure that mold doesn’t build up again. Home inspectors should also be consulted if there is a possibility of pipes or ducts leaking, because leaks can lead to indoor air contamination which can increase the risk of disease. Other areas of concern include plumbing systems, which are often checked for leaks or cracks to ensure efficient and safe use of the drainage systems. Finally, home inspectors are often asked to inspect basement walls and floors to identify possible water leaks, which are then repaired or replaced if necessary.

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