Storm Damage Inspection

Once the storm damage inspection in Kent, Washington has been completed, the roofers will work from that point until the time the roofing replacement is due. The reason for this is to ensure that the entire roof is stable and that the new roof installation is securely in place. The roofers are prepared to do a complete roof inspection and finalize the repairs in this phase. When the repairs are completed and approved, the roofers will make sure that the roof is completely dry and that no leaks are present. There are several types of inspections that need to be done before a roofing replacement can take place. The two main types are the visual inspection and the shingles inspection. During the visual inspection, the roofers will check for leaks, which are small and might not be visible to the naked eye. Another thing that needs to be checked are the shingles.

These are sheets of metal that are placed over the underlying roof and protect it from the weather. If the shingles are damaged or missing, the roofing replacement process cannot take place. During the storm damage inspection process, a qualified professional will inspect the roofing for any missing shingles. Since it is often hard to determine whether or not the shingles are missing, it is essential to have a qualified professional inspect the roof. They can spot signs of shingle deterioration and gaps in the roof. Since they are trained to detect these problems, they can also identify repair needs. This allows the homeowner to put their mind at ease because there will be no need to replace the entire roof.

Once the roofing repairs are completed, the homeowner will be able to make the necessary insurance claims. This will allow the homeowner to get back on track with their life and belongings. If an inspection is not done during the storm damage, there is a big possibility that someone will make a claim on the homeowner’s insurance policy. When there are small repairs and some signs of deterioration, the insurance company may refuse to cover the claim, leaving the homeowner to pay out of pocket. It will be very important for homeowners to have a qualified and experienced roofing contractor perform a storm damage inspection. Doing this ensures that there are no cracks in the shingles or gaps in the roof. It will also ensure that no severe damage was caused during the storm. In fact, if the homeowner had a small leak during the storm and it was repaired during the storm, there is less chance that it will be covered by the insurance claim.

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